Chocolate at Exhibitions

August 17, 2017 Graham Harding

If you every wander around an exhibition, every business is vying for your attention. Each business is trying so say ‘talk to me.. talk to me’.

Many of the exhibitors will run a competition to win a bottle of champagne or something similar – all for getting your business card into their CRM.


Exhibitions are tiring work for both exhibitor and visitor.

What the visitor wants is not an outside chance they can win a bottle – but something they need NOW – a pick-me-up,  like a bar of chocolate.


Imagine if you were given a bar of chocolate at an exhibition, and how it would make you feel to the exhibitor ?

Bars can be given out at the exhibition stall, but why not put one in the organiser’s goody bag too ?
If there is a voucher printed on the bar wrapper, there is great encouragement for the visitor to visit your exhibit.


So whether you are exhibiting at a village hall, sports stadia or the O2 – consider the variety of advantages chocolate can give you over your competitors.

If you are exhibiting in the next few months and want more ideas please give Graham a call on 01276 33718.