What sort of packaging do you supply ?

January 12, 2017 Graham Harding

This will vary from order to order.

For small sizes orders, I can supply free of charge a lightweight colourful cardboard box – typically the colour matches the bar design.

For small corporate orders the same type of boxes are used.

For larger orders, the bars will be supplied in heavy duty (brown) cardboard boxes.


There are a range of small gift boxes I can supply.

I have small gold cubes which hold 5 5g bars. These are 20p each.

Also I have slightly larger boxes which can contain 10-12 10g bars. These boxes are currently in stock in both red and black.

I will try to source other sizes and colours of box – however this will not be possible for small orders as I will have to order in bulk and end up holding lots of boxes and not much chocolate!