Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions:

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What sort of packaging do you supply ?

This will vary from order to order.

For small sizes orders, I can supply free of charge a lightweight colourful cardboard box – typically the colour matches the bar design.

For small corporate orders the same type of boxes are used.

For larger orders, the bars will be supplied in heavy duty (brown) cardboard boxes.


There are a range of small gift boxes I can supply.

I have small gold cubes which hold 5 5g bars. These are 20p each.

Also I have slightly larger boxes which can contain 10-12 10g bars. These boxes are currently in stock in both red and black.

I will try to source other sizes and colours of box – however this will not be possible for small orders as I will have to order in bulk and end up holding lots of boxes and not much chocolate!

Is the chocolate nice to eat?

The chocolate is sourced from 4 different suppliers, each producing a variant of ‘Belgian milk chocolate’ – so yes it is nice to eat!

What are the ingredients in the bar?

There are subtle differences in the ingredients for each different sized bar, as they come from different suppliers. This ingredients list is fairly typical:

Milk Chocolate Bar 40g℮   Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Liquor, Cocoa Butter (Cocoa Solids min 35%), Skimmed Milk Powder, Milk Fat, Whey Powder (Milk Solids min 14%) Vegetable Fats, Soya Lecithin (Emulsifier E322), Natural Vanilla Flavour.

Are you bars suitable for allergy sufferers?

Sadly the bars are all unsuitable for people with Lactose and Soya intolerances.

As for Nuts, there are no nuts in the bars, but all suppliers have nuts in their factory, so there is a small chance nuts may be present.

What are your prices?

Prices will vary by quantity ordered but typically:
100g bars – £2.95 per bar
35g bars – £1.60 per bar
10g bars – 62p per bar
5g bars – 19p per bar


How can I pay?

Either by bank transfer or cheque/cash. (Some of our customers don’t like to their ‘gift’ being shown on bank records!). Details are typically shown on the foot of the invoice.


When do I pay?

Payment is due once the invoice has been raised – typically when the proof has been agreed. For very large orders (£200+), staged payments may be asked for. For our business customers who maybe pay invoices once/twice a month, then we ask this to be mentioned within 48 hours of the invoice being raised.


What information do you need from me?

The more information you can give, the better… but don’t worry if you can’t this is a just a useful checklist:

  • The date the chocolate is needed for
  • The type of event
  • Which wrapper design you would like (see gallery) or whether it is a totally bespoke design
  • Any artwork / photos / logos etc you want on the bar
  • Any messages front and back (please consider there is more space on the 35g bar than the 5g one!)
  • How many bars
  • Your name and address


How long with it take to get my order?

Typically most orders can completed in 10-14 days. We pride ourselves on trying to beat this (6 hours is our current record!). However please be aware that Christmas is an extremely busy time so please order early to avoid disappointment.


Is there VAT to pay?



Is there a delivery charge to pay?

If you live with 5 miles of GU47 (Sandhurst), then there is no delivery to pay. If you are just outside of that area, and there is no urgency for the delivery, then the charge may also be waived as the delivery can be combined with other journeys. Sadly other locations will incur delivery charges. The optimum delivery details will be discussed with you.


Can I have wrappers with cartoon characters printed on them?

Sorry, these are licensed images and I’d be breaking the law ! However if you can supply an image of a child reading a book with the imagery etc.. that can be printed.


Can you print photos?

Yes.  Please send photos, as best quality as you can, as a jpeg.


If you can't find the answer to your question, then please get in touch by visiting the Contact Us page.