Happy Roald Dahl Day !

September 13, 2019 Graham Harding

Today, September 13th, is Roald Dahl Day!

Many of us will remember, Matilda, James and many others – but probably the most famous creation of Roald Dahl’s is Charlie. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory run by Mr Willy Wonka. The iconic film in the early 70s brought the factory to life with machine after machine making sweet after sweet after sweet.

Most people though forget how Charlie was able to visit the factory. Willy Wonka ran a ‘Golden Ticket’ competition inside his Wonka Bars.

This is a regular marketing tool, though the internet means numerical codes now signify if you’ve won or not.

Printing codes is relatively straightforward inside wrappers, and something I have done on a couple of occasions.

If you wanted to promote your business, using a ‘Willy Wonka’ style promotion how would you go about it ?