Hello Albania!

January 30, 2019 Graham Harding

A few weeks before Christmas,, I was asked to produce various bars for a family’s Christmas celebrations. The bar designs were not ‘Christmassy’ at all, as I was asked to print various pictures that had been taken in the preceding months. These included two men dressed as ‘Batman and Robin’, a couple enjoying what looked like a dodgem ride, a lady in an lemon grove amongst others. These were printed on both 40g and 90g bars. However the design attached to this post, was a family portrait, and was sent out as part of a Christmas celebrations. This including being sent to Albania where the bars have been marvelled at, since their arrival. Here’s what my customer – Dave from Lincoln – had to say :

Thank you so much for the special  personalised Chocolate bars  provided as Christmas cards. They went down especially well , everyone just loved them  and they showed their friends some even appeared on face book, you would not get that with a Christmas card. Once again thank you so much and especially for supplying them in just a few days notice.