Purr-fect gift for Valentine’s

February 14, 2022 Graham Harding

Graeme Lamb, a recruitment consultant from Glasgow Home – Hope Recruits (hope-recruits.com) , wanted a special gift for Valentine’s Day. He decided on 2 90g bars of delicious bars of milk chocolate. One of which was printed with a picture of Graeme and his girl-friend, Claire. The other of their cats. A beautiful gift. How he managed to get his cats to pose for a picture I don’t know! Here’s what Graeme had to say :

After meeting Graham, and seeing his products while networking, I immediately contacted him as Valentine’s Day was coming up. I like to get quirky things for my partner, so instead of a card, she got some chocolates with our mugs on them (and our cats). Plus, you can eat it! Thanks again for the chocolates. Claire absolutely loved them. I know I’ve said thanks already, but it genuinely made her day a wee bit.

Thanks Graeme !